[erlang-questions] Test errors with 18.3 on opensuse 13.1

Roger Price roger@REDACTED
Sun May 8 10:24:11 CEST 2016

(Apologies if this is a duplicate posting)

Hi, I'm installing 18.3 on GNU/Linux opensuse 13.1 Evergreen (long term 
support).  ./configure reported:

**********************  APPLICATIONS DISABLED  **********************
jinterface     : No Java compiler found
odbc           : ODBC library - link check failed

After the make, and following the installation guide, I ran command

   $ERL_TOP/bin/erl -s ts install -s ts smoke_test batch -s init stop

Three of the tests had non-zero "failed" counters :

tests.emulator_test.smoke_test_SUITE  2  1  boot_combo
tests.emulator_test.time_SUITE       15  2  local_to_univ_utc, time_warp_modes
tests.kernel_test.heart_SUITE.reboot  0  1  reboot

Are these failures due to the missing jinterface and odbc applications, or 
something else?


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