[erlang-questions] Patch package OTP 18.3.3 released

Henrik Nord X henrik.x.nord@REDACTED
Wed May 4 13:03:53 CEST 2016

Patch Package:           OTP 18.3.3
Git Tag:                 OTP-18.3.3
Date:                    2016-05-04
Trouble Report Id:       OTP-13462, OTP-13513, OTP-13525, OTP-13533,
                          OTP-13535, OTP-13536, OTP-13537
Seq num:                 seq13077
System:                  OTP
Release:                 18
Application:             common_test-1.12.1, inets-6.2.3, ssl-7.3.2
Predecessor:             OTP 18.3.2

  Check out the git tag OTP-18.3.3, and build a full OTP system
  including documentation. Apply one or more applications from this
  build as patches to your installation using the 'otp_patch_apply'
  tool. For information on install requirements, see descriptions for
  each application version below.

  --- common_test-1.12.1 ----------------------------------------------

  The common_test-1.12.1 application can be applied independently of
  other applications on a full OTP 18 installation.

  --- Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions ---

   OTP-13462    Application(s): common_test
                Related Id(s): seq13077

                The nodelay option used to be enabled (true) by default
                for sockets opened by the Common Test telnet client.
                This appeared to cause communication problems with
                telnet servers on some systems, and therefore the
                option is no longer used. Its value may instead be
                specified in the telnet connection settings. See the
                man page for ct_telnet for details. Please note that
                the interface function connect in unix_telnet has been
                updated with an extra argument and is now

   OTP-13513    Application(s): common_test

                Fix bug in cth_surefire: When a pre_init_per_suite hook
                fails before reaching the
                cth_surefire:pre_init_per_suite, cth_surefire produced
                incorrect XML.

   OTP-13535    Application(s): common_test

                The ct:get_timetrap_info/0 function has been updated to
                return more information about timetrap scaling.

   OTP-13536    Application(s): common_test

                A problem with stylesheet HTML tags getting incorrectly
                escaped by Common Test has been corrected.

   OTP-13537    Application(s): common_test

                The ct_run start flag -no_esc_chars and ct:run_test/1
                start option {esc_chars,Bool} have been introduced to
                make it possible to disable automatic escaping of
                characters. Automatic escaping of special HTML
                characters printed with io:format/1,2 and
                ct:pal/1,2,3,4 was introduced in Common Test 1.12. The
                new flag/option may be used to disable this feature for
                backwards compatibility reasons. (The option is also
                supported in test specifications).

  Full runtime dependencies of common_test-1.12.1: compiler-6.0,
  crypto-3.6, debugger-4.1, erts-7.0, inets-6.0, kernel-4.0,
  observer-2.1, runtime_tools-1.8.16, sasl-2.4.2, snmp-5.1.2, ssh-4.0,
  stdlib-2.5, test_server-3.9, tools-2.8, xmerl-1.3.8

  --- inets-6.2.3 -----------------------------------------------------

  The inets-6.2.3 application can be applied independently of other
  applications on a full OTP 18 installation.

  --- Improvements and New Features ---

   OTP-13533    Application(s): inets

                Put back unused module inets_regexp and remove it in
                OTP 19 instead as it is an incompatibility, although it
                is an undocumented module and should not affect other

  Full runtime dependencies of inets-6.2.3: erts-6.0, kernel-3.0,
  mnesia-4.12, runtime_tools-1.8.14, ssl-5.3.4, stdlib-2.0

  --- ssl-7.3.2 -------------------------------------------------------

  The ssl-7.3.2 application can be applied independently of other
  applications on a full OTP 18 installation.

  --- Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions ---

   OTP-13525    Application(s): ssl

                Correct cipher suites conversion and gaurd expression.
                Caused problems with GCM cipher suites and client side
                option to set signature_algorithms extention values.

  Full runtime dependencies of ssl-7.3.2: crypto-3.3, erts-7.0,
  inets-5.10.7, kernel-3.0, public_key-1.0, stdlib-2.0

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