[erlang-questions] [ANN] erlang-formatter 1.0.0 (go fmt for Erlang)

Pierre Fenoll pierrefenoll@REDACTED
Sun Aug 28 12:01:23 CEST 2016

We had too many discussions about style on a lengthy open source Erlang
project (2600Hz's Kazoo).

We have now as part of our CI checks a style-ensuring tool that formats
.erl .hrl .app.src .escript
in the "standard format" of Emacs' erlang-mode.

https://github.com/fenollp/erlang-formatter is now in version 1.
We use it daily which helps us redirect our shouting at CircleCI instead of

And shouting is certainly great to redirect

This implementation uses emacs > 23 under the hood.
* It was the fastest & shortest way to implement
* erlang-mode is the closest thing to a standard there is for formatting
Some other tools / implementations are listed in the project's README.

So far this project helped uncover 4 bugs in erlang-mode which I minified &

I share this in hope that this can help people & tame some shouting.
A non-Emacs implementation would be amazing (probably faster, more
With your help this project can turn into a test bed for such an adventure!

A rebar3 fmt plugin is in the works.

Please tell me what you think but I don't care about your religious beliefs

Pierre Fenoll
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