[erlang-questions] Mnesia is restarting transactions for a long time.

Karolis Petrauskas k.petrauskas@REDACTED
Tue Aug 16 18:18:34 CEST 2016


I have a system of two Erlang nodes, that use a clustered mnesia. Sometimes
startup of the database takes very long (tens of minutes). After enabling
mnesia event logging I see the following message repeated:

        Restarting transaction {tid,143589,<0.1351.0>}: in 10ms

After a second I am getting the following event:

    Sync serial {tid,143589,<0.1351.0>}

And then "Restarting transaction" events are repeated with increasing time
intervals. TID is remaining the same.

How to determine, why the transaction cannot be restarted. What can I do to
to avoid such situations or how to recover from them.

I have set {max_wait_for_decision, 300000} (5 min) for Mnesia as well as
{auto_repair, true} in sys.config.

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