[erlang-questions] "calling" a gen_fsm

Garry Hodgson garry@REDACTED
Wed Sep 23 06:01:07 CEST 2015

On 9/22/15 3:02 PM, Roger Lipscombe wrote:
> On 22 September 2015 at 18:37, Garry Hodgson <garry@REDACTED> wrote:
>> thanks to both of you for your quick and helpful answers.
>> gotta love this list.
> Both Theepan and Vance are correct in that this is a useful way to
> build this kind of thing. In fact, there's a good example (using a
> gen_server, rather than a gen_fsm) here:
> https://erlangcentral.org/wiki/index.php?title=Building_Non_Blocking_Erlang_apps
very nice.
> I'd just add one point, though: I recently built something similar,
> and I found it simpler to separate the client into two processes: one
> gen_fsm to handle the state machine, and a separate gen_server to
> handle the decoding and framing.
i briefly considered that, but it wasn't obvious how to divide the
work between the two. i'd be interested in how you did, if you'd
care to elaborate.


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