[erlang-questions] user process suspended

Samuel samuelrivas@REDACTED
Tue Sep 22 15:34:19 CEST 2015


We are experiencing problems were an erlang service stops receiving
HTTP requests while still alive and responding to remote_shell. When
this happens cpu usage drops and memory grows slowly and steadily, I
suspect cpu just goes down as the node stops getting requests and
memory goes up because some mailboxes keep growing.

We have been collecting crashdumps for all thos instances and all of
them show the same process pattern: the user process is suspended
while all others are waiting. Again I suspect that all of them are
waiting simply because there is not a lot of activity in the node so I
am inclined to think that the suspended user process is probably the
actual issue.

We can remote shell into those nodes and we have tested that we can
create and write files, so IO is not completely blocked.

This is under R16B03.

Any hints on what could be the cause and/or how to debug this problem?



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