[erlang-questions] Erlang on Xeon Phi

Darach Ennis darach@REDACTED
Wed Sep 16 21:12:35 CEST 2015

Hi Jasiek,

Phi is identified as an x86_64 but is not completely compatible. Looks like
(s,l,m)fence need to be replaced by serializing instructions according to:


Would be very interested if you make progress here! Good luck!


On 16 Sep 2015 04:40, "Jasiek Stypka" <jasiek.stypka@REDACTED> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Does anybody have any experience with running Erlang programs on Intel
> Xeon Phi coprocessor? I would like to carry out some experiments on this
> platform concerning multicore computing, however I am struggling to run
> Erlang VM on that architecture.
> It seems to be binary incompatible with x86_64 architectures. When I try
> to run the normal Erlang VM v17.3 on it, I get:
> /home/me/lib/erlang/bin/erl: line 28:
> /home/me/lib/erlang/erts-6.1/bin/erlexec: cannot execute binary file
> /home/me/lib/erlang/bin/erl: line 28:
> /home/me/lib/erlang/erts-6.1/bin/erlexec: Success
> So I figured out that I need to use cross compilation to compile the VM
> specially for this architecture. After some reading and numerous trials and
> errors, I ended up compiling the EVM with these commands:
> $ ./configure --host=k1om-unknown-linux-gnu --build=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
> --without-termcap --prefix=$HOME/lib/my_erlang_compilation-17.3 CC=icc
> CFLAGS=-mmic
> $ make
> The first command somehow finishes without any errors, but when running
> `make` I finally get:
> /tmp/iccvaLP3vas_.s: Assembler messages:
> /tmp/iccvaLP3vas_.s:25794: Error: `mfence' is not supported on `k1om'
> /tmp/iccvaLP3vas_.s:25800: Error: `mfence' is not supported on `k1om'
> /tmp/iccvaLP3vas_.s:26388: Error: `mfence' is not supported on `k1om'
> /tmp/iccvaLP3vas_.s:26394: Error: `mfence' is not supported on `k1om'
> make[3]: *** [obj/k1om-unknown-linux-gnu/opt/smp/erl_alloc_util.o] Error 1
> This seem to be connected with memory barrier instructions and looks like
> it's incompatible. Does this mean that the Erlang VM cannot be run on this
> architecture?
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
> Jan Stypka
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