[erlang-questions] Dialyzer and erlsom

Alexander Petrovsky askjuise@REDACTED
Tue Sep 8 12:33:29 CEST 2015


I've built PLTs with the follow commands via Makefile:

DIALYZER_APPS = asn1 compiler crypto erts inets kernel public_key sasl ssl
stdlib syntax_tools tools


dialyzer --build_plt --output_plt erlang.plt --apps $(DIALYZER_APPS)
dialyzer --build_plt --output_plt my_app.plt ebin/ deps/*/ebin/

then I want to check my code with dialyzer but got the follow errors:

$ make dialyzer
dialyzer --src src --plts erlang.plt my_app.plt -Wunmatched_returns
-Werror_handling -Wrace_conditions -Wunderspecs | fgrep -v -f
  Checking whether the PLT erlang.plt is up-to-date... yes
  Checking whether the PLT my_app.plt is up-to-date... yes
  Proceeding with analysis...
dialyzer: Analysis failed with error:
Could not scan the following file(s):
/home/juise/my_app/src/my_app_parser.erl:10: can't find include lib
/home/juise/my_app/src/my_app_parser.erl:99: record attribute undefined
/home/juise/my_app/src/my_app_parser.erl:100: variable 'Name' is unbound
/home/juise/my_app/src/my_app_parser.erl:100: variable 'Name' is unbound
/home/juise/my_app/src/my_app_parser.erl:100: variable 'Value' is unbound

In my_app_parser I have:


How to say dialyzer to find erlsom_sax.hrl in deps/erlsom/src/ ? How can I
fix it?

Петровский Александр / Alexander Petrovsky,

Skype: askjuise
Phone: +7 914 8 820 815
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