[erlang-questions] looking into actor-based algorithms?

Rich Morin rdm@REDACTED
Thu May 28 05:59:05 CEST 2015

I mostly hang out on elixir-lang-talk, but this topic may interest
some folks on this list, as well.  I'm pretty sure that Erlang users
have created or adapted some significant concurrent algorithms that
take advantage of the actor model.  I'm not having much luck finding
references to this work, however, so I'd love to get pointers, etc.

In particular, I'd like to find examples of actor-based algorithms
(i.e., algorithms which rely on the actor model).  I'm particularly
interested in graph analysis and presentation, but I'd be delighted
to hear about anything that seems relevant.

A few weeks ago, I asked for help on elixir-lang-talk.  José Valim
suggested this book, which I have been reading with _great_ interest:

 Distributed Algorithms for Message-Passing Systems
 Michel Raynal, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013

In fact, I am using Dr. Raynal's first exercise as a test case.  The
algorithm allows a set of processes to learn about the components and
connectivity of a (channel-based, fixed-size) "communication graph".

I have made assorted adjustments to make it "fit" Elixir and Erlang,
Neo4j-style Property Graphs, etc.  I don't actually have any code to
show off yet, but I _have_ sketched out a data model, descriptive
notes, and some pseudocode:

 Elixir > Distributed Algorithms

   Data Model

   1.1.1 Definition

   1.1.2 Learning the Communication Graph

 Elixir > Property Graphs

Comments, pointers, and suggestions welcome!  (ducks)


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