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Fri May 22 10:18:53 CEST 2015

case ssl:ssl_accept(CSocket, Timeout) of
		ok ->
		%% Garbage was most likely sent to the socket, don't error out.
		{error, {tls_alert, _}} ->
			ok = close(CSocket),
		%% Socket most likely stopped responding, don't error out.
		{error, timeout} ->
			ok = close(CSocket),
		{error, Reason} ->
			ok = close(CSocket),
as you can see,your socket connection is not accept through ssl

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Dear list,I keep on seeing various entries in my logs like this:

Ranch listener cometa_listener had connection process started with cowboy_protocol:start_link/4 at <0.6039.0> exit with reason: {closed,[{ranch_ssl,accept_ack,2,[{file,"src/ranch_ssl.erl"},{line,115}]},{cowboy_protocol,init,4,[{file,"src/cowboy_protocol.erl"},{line,91}]}]}


No other entries are set. Can someone tell me how I can trace down the cause for this?

Thank you in advance,
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