[erlang-questions] Distributed Erlang Architecture

Chris Clark boozelclark@REDACTED
Wed May 20 21:02:28 CEST 2015


I have an erlang application that is made up of 3 applications and their
dependencies. I am trying to decide on how to distribute these so that I
can scale them by running additional instance of which ever app start to
reach its performance limits.

I've managed to find lot of info of how to connect erlang nodes into a
cluster but nothing on how to structure a distributed application in
practice. Does anyone know where I can find some info on this?

If for example I have three hosts in my cluster. Should I
Compile these all into one release and the not start the apps automatically
but just start the number of required instances within the single erlang
nodes each running on a host

Create each app into a separate release and then just start a node for each
instance of each app I want resulting in multiple erlang nodes per host. If
for example I just wanted one host then I would run three nodes on that
host. One for each app.

Any guidance or info on the pros and cons of each approach would be

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