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Roberto Ostinelli roberto.ostinelli@REDACTED
Mon May 11 22:23:04 CEST 2015

Hi Eric,
Thank you. Do you have a recommended starter script?

> On 11/mag/2015, at 22:11, Éric Pailleau <eric.pailleau@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hi Roberto,
> Good question. Heart was probably initially used for embedded systems. 
> Monitoring your node is not that much easy,
> Because no pid file is created out of the box. It ends by using a wrapper that create a pidfile.
> Heart is also needful for hot upgrades when reboot of emulator is necessary.
> Mho,  you should set the HEART_command to your starter script in order to create another pidfile on reboot. See heart module documentation. 
> Regards
> Le 11 mai 2015 21:13, Roberto Ostinelli <roberto.ostinelli@REDACTED> a écrit :
>> Dear list, 
>> I'm a little confused and would like to understand whether the HEART command should be used or not. 
>> In non-erlang systems, I would have standard watchdogs that launch an application on OS boot, and then monitor it and relaunch it if necessary. 
>> What is the best practice in the erlang world? A script to start an erlang release at boot time, and use the HEART command? Others? 
>> The warning in the docs makes me hesitate. 
>> Any input welcome. 
>> Thanks! 
>> r. 
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