[erlang-questions] and the argument is...?

Peter J Etheridge petergi@REDACTED
Sun May 10 08:24:33 CEST 2015

dear list,i am learning Erlang and trialling IntelliJ IDEA.when i try
to 'edit configurations' before 'debug',i get crash dumps with
messages like;N is an unbound variable,init terminating in do_boot().
when entering the details into 'edit configurations'IJ does not
specifically ask for arity,rather, 'argument'.
-module(fac/1). % from p.165 of joe's book
 I = list_to_integer(atom_to_list(A)),
 F = fac(I),
 io:format("factorial ~w = ~w~n", [I,F]),

 fac(0) -> 1;
 fac(N) -> N*fac(N-1).

I am using the current version of Erlang and the latest upgrade for IJ
on Win 7, 64..
if fac is the module,and main is the function,then, what would you say
is the argument?

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