[erlang-questions] mnesia dirty writes & race conditions

Roberto Ostinelli roberto.ostinelli@REDACTED
Mon May 4 09:40:21 CEST 2015

> No, that gives you flow control but nothing else.

I see. Here's why I am asking this question.

My spec requirements of writes / sec into a mnesia database replicated on a 3 to 4 nodes cluster are higher than what a transaction can give me. 

Therefore, I am currently using mnesia dirty writes, because as J. Louis put it I have loose control on the input and I do not anticipate a situation with conflicting writes. 

However, I'd feel better in finding a way to guarantee the atomicity of the operation. 

What are my options? The only thing I can see right now is to resolve using some kind of leader election, and have the leader dirty write all the messages to mnesia. 

Any other ideas (besides fragmentation)?

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