[erlang-questions] erlang.mk and yaws

Loïc Hoguin essen@REDACTED
Sun Mar 29 10:20:12 CEST 2015

On 03/29/2015 09:46 AM, Stefan Hellkvist wrote:
> Hi (long time lurker of this mailing list)
> I like erlang.mk <http://erlang.mk> and I like yaws and tend to use them
> in various projects (big thank you to the respective contributors of
> those projects). But when two of your friends do not get along together


> you tend to worry. In the yaws case it seems like the problem is that it


> does have a rebar.config and builds fine with rebar, but it does not
> have its own copy of rebar locally which many packages seem to include
> these days (or am I right, what is the norm?). So yaws is not built when
> it is added as a dependency in an erlang.mk <http://erlang.mk> project.


> So I guess the AUTOPATCH option in erlang.mk <http://erlang.mk> does not
> seem to properly create a working Makefile.

Yeah. That feature will currently fail when the rebar configuration uses 
hooks, scripts and such. It's good for 90% of projects but this one is 
too complex.

> The way I always resolve this is to either copy in a rebar script into
> the yaws folder or go through the autoconf procedure, which is the other
> way of building yaws, but this is of course a manual process that I
> would like to avoid. The problem is - which one is the odd one here -
> should a fix be done in erlang.mk <http://erlang.mk> (perhaps in the
> AUTOPATCH part) or should yaws' build system be fixed? Or should my two
> friends continue to not get along properly forever and ever? :)

Yaws is fine.

Autotools support is something I have been meaning to add (both 
compiling projects that use autoconf and erlang.mk being usable in a 
larger autotools build environment). There are one or two projects I 
want to write plugins for that use autotools (I believe percept2 is one 
of them).

Please add a ticket so I can look into it (I can't seem to be able to 
load Github this morning). I will work on an update this or next week so 
I could do it then.


Loïc Hoguin

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