[erlang-questions] Announcing Erlang.org Code of Conduct

Vincent de Phily vincent.dephily@REDACTED
Thu Mar 26 11:50:51 CET 2015

On Thursday 26 March 2015 16:07:03 Richard A. O'Keefe wrote:
> As I moderate no mailing list, my opinions have as much
> force as a politician's promise.   But I shall continue
> to value inline-annotated messages more highly than
> top-posted ones.

It's like going to a job interview badly dressed, punctuating your everyday 
language with swear words, or leaving lots of grammar/spelling errors in your 
texts. Some people you speak to won't mind, care, or notice. But many people 
will notice, and the majority of those will not tell you about it : they'll 
just tend to disregard you in more or less subtle ways. In the end, it's your 
problem more than their's.

Top-posting is the spelling mistake of mailing lists. Some readers won't care, 
and some will find the message annoying and/or harder to understand. If they 
do, it's the top-poster's loss.

Vincent de Phily

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