[erlang-questions] Erlang Phash Integration

Halil Ibrahim YILMAZ prehistorya@REDACTED
Thu Mar 26 09:18:50 CET 2015

Hi guys,

I’m looking for Erlang Phash integrated (http://phash.org <http://phash.org/>) open source projects.

I’ve already searched in Github. 

Actually, I’m working on a project that targeting to find similar images.

The media files are stored on the filesystem. I use Riak in the database layer.

I’ve thought that storing the files in a Riak bucket as binary for using map-reduce (via javascript) to make “phash" operations. 

BTW, there are some files that bigger than 50MB. 

Any other suggestions are welcome.

P.S: I’m a newbie Erlanger :)=


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