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Hi Harit,  

Regarding your second question.
I had a number of attempts at Erlang and I was able to grasp how does it work and what problems it solves only by learning OTP first. I found “Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP” extremely useful.
Once I could write a fully functional (in terms of working) app using OTP, I could progress to understand how OTP itself works and thus learn all the necessary underlaying concepts (spawn, spawn_link, spawn_monitor, process and so on). OTP purifies everything what’s good in Erlang.
I understand everybody has a different learning curve, just sharing my experience.

Kind regards,

Radek Gruchalski

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On Wednesday, 25 March 2015 at 19:46, Harit Himanshu wrote:

> Hello there!
> I am erlang newbie (and functional programming newbie as well). I really like learning the language and functional paradigm.
> Few questions that pop up in my head are
> Where can I learn more about functional programming while practicing them using Erlang?
> I am following @joeerl book and its a fantastic read. But I am not at a stage to make applications using OTP, is it really worth spending time learning about OTP now as newbie?
> Any other words of wisdom you want to share  
> Thanks
> + Harit Himanshu
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