[erlang-questions] Code of Formatting

Valentin Micic valentin@REDACTED
Sun Mar 15 20:07:51 CET 2015

Well, I do not think that you have been particularly fair in your reflection on my writing, nor critical enough regarding your original post,  but let leave it as that (please).

You are most welcome to think, do and expect whatever you want, for as long that is not in any way binding to anyone else. Alternatively, you better start paying wages to all this programmers that volunteer their time to contribute to your contribution. That way your expectations would be fully justified. 

Kind regards

On 15 Mar 2015, at 8:43 PM, Anthony Ramine wrote:

> Le 15 mars 2015 à 18:56, Valentin Micic <valentin@REDACTED> a écrit :
>> I do not understand why did my post offend you.
>> I've just shared what works for me, assuming that it may work for you too.
>> From your original post I could not deduce (and I think that no reasonable man could have) the nature of the problem, so I assumed that your "suffering" was related to the code reading.
>> But now that you've mentioned contributing (and award winning) -- should that really entitle you to prescribe how others must write their code -- even the code that you've contributed; for you may have a reasonable expectation for a recognition  (e.g. another award); however, I would disagree that this entitle you to expect others to use a particular editor/IDE (just to make it clear -- I am not trying to defend Emacs or Vim, nor am I using them).
> You assume my mail is about code reading. It's not. The OTP code with a tab width of 8 is readable. Now if you had known what are the current untold indentation rules of the code base, maybe you would have restrained yourself from telling me to just "fix" it (note your use of scare quotes as if it wasn't an actual problem) with a patch. I know that I can patch things when they are broken or need to be improved, thank you.
> I'm not entitled to prescribe how others must write their code, but I feel at least entitled to not be told to just write a patch about something that is outside of my sphere of influence (e.g. how the codebase is indented)
> I don't expect anyone to use a particular editor, I expect this project to use a particular indentation style that is not supported by only Emacs and Vim: mixing tabs and spaces.

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