[erlang-questions] socket_closed_remotely errors with httpc

jim rosenblum jim.rosenblum@REDACTED
Sat Mar 14 22:14:30 CET 2015

New work around...

>     httpc:set_options([{max_keep_alive_length, 0},
>                        {max_pipeline_length, 0},
>                        {max_sessions, 0}]),
> The problem manifests itself regardless of the options
(httpc:setoptions/1) used - or not used. I chose the
ones that I did to try to eliminate code-paths involved.

The problem disappeared when I add {"connection", "close"} to
the header which:

1) reinforces my belief that the offending code path is the
one outlined in my original post; and,

2) gives an alternative to backing down to http 1.0
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