[erlang-questions] Immutable isn't static Was: Re: Process scope variable

Anthony Ramine n.oxyde@REDACTED
Thu Mar 12 23:50:56 CET 2015

Le 12 mars 2015 à 23:43, Imants Cekusins <imantc@REDACTED> a écrit :

> Why some programmers pay much attention to what the others say about programming, how they write their code, try to convince, change their mind?
> Let's say, a program is written by someone. For various reasons, we may choose to use it or not. But isn't the key criteria: does it work for us?
> I use so much software of which I have no slightest idea what the code looks like. Yet it works!
> Why would I try to convince someone how to write their code? I can see this is a popular sport. Yet I must be missing something. What's the thrill?
> Oh yeah, and why are there so many different programming languages? Can there be just one or two?
> ;)

I didn't try to convince you about how you should write their code, but that you should use the right words to designate the ideas you want to refer to, otherwise no communication is possible.

That a dictionary not at all specific to the domain of computer science provides you with a definition completely at odds with common usage in literature and practice is irrelevant.

We pay attention to the words you use because you came to us with an idea dubious in the context of Erlang, initially with words that were inappropriate to describe what you were talking about, adding to the confusion.

There are so many different programming languages because there are so many different ways to solve a given problem, accompanied with many words to document them, some better than others.

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