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Tristan Sloughter t@REDACTED
Tue Mar 10 21:40:28 CET 2015

Anyone with questions, as opposed to bug reports which should go on
github, there is http://www.rebar3.org/v3.0/discuss as well as #rebar on

Tristan Sloughter t@REDACTED

On Tue, Mar 10, 2015, at 08:31 AM, Youngkin, Rich wrote:
> Very nice. Thanks to everyone for the new release and the
> excellent docs!
> Cheers, Rich
>> Hi everyone, Back in November (roughly 4 months ago), Tristan and I
>> announced work on Rebar3 to the rebar mailing list:
>> http://lists.basho.com/pipermail/rebar_lists.basho.com/2014-November/002087.html
>> Today we're happy to announce we're in Alpha. This means that we're
>> generally happy with the current set of features, although we're not
>> sure about their stability and are still open to some changes and
>> additions. Go to https://github.com/rebar/rebar3 if you're
>> interested. So what's new in Rebar3 should you decide to try it with
>> your projects? First of all, Rebar3 has been written with only OTP in
>> mind. If your project isn't OTP, it's more or less gonna be
>> unsupported. If you use OTP releases or OTP applications, it should
>> be helpful. Secondly, we've added a mechanism for 'profiles', meaning
>> your compile options, deps, release options, and so on, can all
>> change depending on context or commands being run (test commands
>> automatically include the 'test' profile, for example).We've gone
>> from the current rebar structure adding all kinds of stuff in your
>> top-level directory to using a single _build/ directory. In this
>> directory, builds for each profile required will be included,
>> avoiding pollution across them. Packages are included, but currently
>> they're all source only until hex.pm[1] gets support for compiled
>> packages. Also they contain Elixir entries until hex.pm
[2]gets filtering capability, so right now, most of them won't
   build either.
>> Source and package dependency conflicts are handled in a
>> deterministic manner, including when upgrading them. See
>> http://www.rebar3.org/v3.0/docs/dependencies-1 for details. We've
>> brought back Dialyzer as a command (and for those of you on rebar
>> 2., Tuncer is working on bringing it back there too:
>>   https://github.com/rebar/rebar/pull/460). We've also switched from
>>   reltool to relx for our release provider, hoping a simpler tool
>>   will make for better release adoption:
>>   https://github.com/erlware/relx Overall, we have the following list
>>   of commands: http://www.rebar3.org/v3.0/docs/commands This is what
>>   is currently supported. For anything not there (say, reltool,
>>   protobuffs, and so on) we recommend you use a plugin instead. There
>>   isn't a huge ecosystem yet, so when you write one, let us know
>>   about it. We want to eventually have a plugin index to make it easy
>>   to find more tasks people need. Plugin documentation is available
>>   at http://www.rebar3.org/v3.0/docs/plugins Thanks everyone, and
>>   thanks to contributors who helped us reach the rebar3 alpha
>>   version. Particular thanks go to Alisdair Sullivan (@talentdeficit)
>>   and James Fish (@fishcakez) for the heavy load of work they've done
>>   towards this project. Regards, Fred.
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