[erlang-questions] Various EDoc questions

Pawel Kraszewski pawel@REDACTED
Mon Mar 9 16:39:45 CET 2015

Hello fellow Erlangers.

* EDoc generates a documentation sections for types, functions,
function details, et al. Each of the sections is sorted
alphabetically. Is there a way to make EDoc retain in-source function
order? I use erlang.mk with "docs" target to generate EDoc, and have
already set some useful (for me) flags in EDOC_OPTS.

* EDoc generates (X)HTML documents. Sole construction of EDoc implies
possibility to implement plug-ins generating other formats. Are there
any examples for other output formats? I’d be particularly interested
in LaTeX and/or MarkDown formats. Generally I need printable
documentation of the whole OTP application as a single document.

* Is there an easy way to make EDoc output non-English? I mean other
than editing EDoc-library source code itself? I guess this may be
extension to the previous question…

* If code references (for example via -spec(...).) standard OTP
non-trivial type, for example public_key:der_encoded(), EDoc generates
link pointing into darkness. Is there a way to prevent such invalid
links, or (better) include documentation of type referenced?

* And last but not least – which documentation form is preferred (if
not both at once), via -spec(...). or via %% @spec ..., as they seem
totally redundant? I heavily use Dialyzer, if this information is

Best regards.

 Paweł Kraszewski

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