[erlang-questions] New Erlang EBook

Richard A. O'Keefe ok@REDACTED
Thu Mar 5 22:37:40 CET 2015

Traditional publishing offers a number of things
 - advertising (sending information about an Erlang book to this mailing
   list is pretty good at that)
 - distribution (downloading a PDF covers that)
 - reviewing.  Not post-publication reviews (though it would be good to
   have book reviews at www.erlang.org), but pre-publication ones:  is
   this worth publishing?
 - editing.  This includes idiom, grammar, spelling, punctuation, help
   with layout and diagrams, spotting omissions and duplications &c
 - negotiation to use copyright material (like the cover of my Prolog book).

There can be community support for editing, so well edited free books are
not impossible.  But good editing is not free.  *Someone* has to pay.

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