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You should follow Fred Hebert path who made his ebook “STUFF GOES BAD: ERLANG IN ANGER"  free to download.


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Thanks for sharing, Zach, I'll definitely be checking this out.

Jesse Gumm
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On Mar 3, 2015 5:07 AM, "Zachary Kessin" <zkessin@REDACTED<mailto:zkessin@REDACTED>> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have just put out a new Ebook on Using QuickCheck on Erlang. It covers all three major erlang QuickCheck versions (Quviq, PropEr, and Triq). and will take you from your first property to being a QuickCheck master.

Right now it is in Early Release. The content is being developed and it should be finished by Erlang Factory SF.

If you buy it today you will get all the updates as I work on it

Zachary Kessin
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Twitter: @zkessin<http://twitter.com/zkessin>

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