[erlang-questions] Diameter service restart

Kirill Ratkin kvratkin@REDACTED
Wed Aug 26 15:09:24 CEST 2015

Hi all.

I'm working with application which implements several Diameter Applications
(Gy, Cx and so on).
When I start all Dia Applications together in diameter:start_service
function then all Applications works well.

But I need a little bit more. I want to start one Application (for example
Gy) and provide API function from my module to add/remove another
Applications (for example Cx) "on fly" without stop_service/start_service.

Yes, I know every Application has code generated from dictionary file. How
I understand this code can be re-loaded automatically by code_server (in
theory). And then Diameter stack could use call_back module of new added

I probably read all manuals and examples of Diameter library but I didn't
manager to find similar functionality.

Guys, who knows is it possible or not?

P.S. yes, solution with stop_service/start_service works but stop_service
closes tcp/sctp sockets and start_service creates it again sending CER as
required by RFC. I'd eliminate socket destruction. Just sending CER would
be Ok. I afraid some vendors can dislike such situation with transport ...
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