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> So Why cannot Erlang have its nice IDE of its own?

Because IDEs take a lot of effort to build! There are at least the two
well-known: IntelliJ has a plugin, and erlide is the other large one, which
is eclipse-based.

What makes Erlang remarkable however, is that the language is pretty easy
to work with even if you have no IDE present, which is not the case for
many other languages, where you have to provide a lot of completion-tooling
in order to program decently fast in the system.

People roughly fall into two camps: those who likes IDEs for their
development, and those who like a simple, almost zen-like, approach to
programming. The latter camp often uses editors which are based around the
idea of manipulating text more than providing the basis for compilation,
debugging and so on. Popular choices are indeed vi and/or emacs, but there
are far more editors than just those two camps, so perhaps you would be
happy if you looked around and found something which matches what you like
in the editing environment.

Do note: many of the vi/emacs proponents are UNIX users, and UNIX is
already an IDE for building software. This helps a lot since you can avoid
relying on the editor to provide for you.

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