[erlang-questions] Looking for an erlang function benchmarking library/framework

Loïc Hoguin essen@REDACTED
Tue Apr 7 11:14:37 CEST 2015

On 04/07/2015 12:03 PM, Ignas Vyšniauskas wrote:> During Spawnfest 2012 
  we developed a unit-testing style library for
 > this purpose, though it was never completed:
 >      https://github.com/yfyf/perforator

Actually wrote horse inspired by your project. Just I wanted the tests 
in the same module alongside eunit tests (putting function then its 
eunit/triq tests then its micro benchmarks in that order in the file, 
repeat for each function).

On 04/07/2015 12:00 PM, Darach Ennis wrote:
> For small or microbenchmarks there's also HDR histogram which will give
> fairly extensive
> statistics and allows compensating for coordinated omission for latency
> sensitive tests if
> that is relevant:
> https://github.com/hdrhistogram/hdr_histogram_erl

Looks interesting. Might be good to use inside horse. I will have to try it.


Loïc Hoguin

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