[erlang-questions] Looking for an erlang function benchmarking library/framework

Martin Karlsson martink@REDACTED
Tue Apr 7 10:48:10 CEST 2015


I want to benchmark individual functions to see how they perform. I've
looked around for some library or framework which provides a  repeatable
and structured way of doing benchmarking (much like eunit and common tests
do for unit and integration tests) but haven't found anything on a

Currently I have an ad-hoc collection of test functions wrapping the
function under test in timer:tc but as mentioned looking for something more
structured with proper reporting. Before writing it myself I wonder if
there is anything out there already doing this?

Ideally doing:

$ make benchmark
$ rebar benchmark

would run the benchmark tests and output a nice report.

I've played with golangs benchmark utilities in the testing package (
http://golang.org/pkg/testing/) and found it quite useful and wonder if
there is an erlang equivalent?

Perhaps this is trivial to write in a normal eunit/ct test together with
timer:tc or fprof or something and if so I'd be happy to get any pointers
on where to start.

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