[erlang-questions] Inter-node communication bottleneck

Dror Mein drormein@REDACTED
Mon Sep 8 15:14:02 CEST 2014

active false worked better than active once?

On Monday, September 8, 2014 3:12 PM, Jihyun Yu <yjh0502@REDACTED> wrote:


I couldn't spend much time after last
 update. It seems that using
multiple TCP sockets is not that scalable as well. I ran a test with
following configurations.

- 12 cores, 24 threads server (Intel L5640 x 2)
- Two Erlang VM on two docker containers
- Connects with 12 TCP connections and send/recv packets
- [{delay_send,true}, {high_watermark,1024000}]

With single integer term, total bandwidth is capped on about ~10MB/s.
With single binary term <<"hello">>, total bandwidth is capped on about
20~30MB/s. Two Erlang VM consume almost all CPU resources (2400% total),
so bandwidth per CPU usage is much worse than Erlang messaging case. I
didn't run perf yet, so I don't know where is an bottleneck.

I attached test source code so you can
 reproduce the result. Please tell
me if there is an error on configurations/test codes/...

[1] http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/inet.html

On Mon, Sep 08, 2014 at 03:59:04AM -0700, Dror Mein wrote:
> I encountered the same problem. any updates or new successes? the binary_to_term over tcp sounds promising.
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