[erlang-questions] mnesia feasibility

Madhukar Sah madhukars@REDACTED
Wed Sep 3 12:55:42 CEST 2014

I am not able to decide if mnesia can handle my requirement or not. 
Please help. The requirement is as described below:

I am running 16  nodes that are constantly pushing data in mnesia 
database located in a card powered by erlang. The card is running at 260 
MHz with 128 MB ram. The data is being maintained as RAM_COPY as well as 
DISC_COPY in the card. Each of the 16 nodes running on a PC are pumping 
records every 1 sec. The result is mnesia is overloading and after some 
time mnesia is taking around 10 seconds to write one record into mnesia 
table. I have checked the same thing by putting the data as RAM_COPY as 
well but mnesia is taking again around 10 seconds to write one record in 
mnesia table.

I have also used dirty read and write but with little improvement only.

Please suggest

Madhukar Sah

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