[erlang-questions] CZMQ licensing

Pieter Hintjens ph@REDACTED
Fri Jan 31 12:55:25 CET 2014

Hi people,

Joe pointed me to the thread on erlang-CZMQ and licensing.

Just to clarify.

CZMQ is not dual-licensed.

The licensing on CZMQ is LGPLv3+static link exception, the same as
libzmq and as most of the ZeroMQ projects. This license explicitly
allows bundling of the compiled code with commercial applications
under whatever license the user wants. It removes the LGPL/GPL
requirements on such bundles (static links).

This is what I'd recommend for erlang-CZMQ too. It means taking
COPYING and COPYING.LESSER (since LGPLv3 is a patch on GPLv3) from
CZMQ or libzmq.

Mahesh is correct: without an explicit license, one cannot use a
software project, unless one is the owner.


Ps. native Erlang ZMTP would be fantastic. We've done this in Java and
.NET, and it's been very positive for those communities.

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