[erlang-questions] OTP R16B03-1 has been released

Kenneth Lundin kenneth.lundin@REDACTED
Mon Jan 27 16:04:52 CET 2014

Erlang/OTP R16B03-1 has been released.

OTP R16B03-1 is a service release which corrects a few issues found in the
R16B03 release. The corrections are:

   - The ODBC application was missing in the prebuilt Windows installers.
   - 3 corrections in the SSL application:
      - Add missing validation of the server_name_indication option
and test for its explicit use.
      - Elliptic curve selection in server mode now properly selects a
curve suggested by the client, if possible.
      - Bug in the TLS hello extension handling caused the server to
behave as it did not understand secure renegotiation.
   - In the syntax_tools application a bug was introduced which broke
reverting of local funs. This is now corrected (thanks to Anthony
   - wx - Solved a problem which caused the debugger to crash when
closing a Window. Fixed static linking on Mac.
   - xmerl - Fixed a problem in the SAX parser when the header of the
next document was appearing in the buffer when using
xmerl_sax_parser:stream/2 function.

You can find the README file with more detailed info at


You can download the full source distribution from

Note: To unpack the TAR archive you need a GNU TAR compatible program.

For installation instructions please read the README that is part of
the distribution.

You can also find this release at the official Erlang/OTP Git-repository at
Github here:
https://github.com/erlang/otp tagged *OTP_R16B03-1*

The Windows binary distribution can be downloaded from


On-line documentation can be found at http://www.erlang.org/doc/.
You can also download the complete HTML documentation or the Unix manual


We also want to thank those that sent us patches, suggestions and bug

The Erlang/OTP Team at Ericsson
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