[erlang-questions] dets i/o by pid

Dmitry Kolesnikov dmkolesnikov@REDACTED
Wed Jan 22 16:21:46 CET 2014


This is both announcement and request for comments.  

The internal DETS architecture uses process per bucket instance but process pid is hidden behind dets registry. 
It am really curious why it so. The direct usage of PID would benefit in many cases (e.g. sharding, distributed i/o, etc).
I would agree that remote dets i/o cannot be guaranteed and would require a substantial effort from an application. However, many application would benefit from best-effort pid based dets i/o. On another hand, any one can implement a process wrapper over dets but what is the point of doing this if dets bucket is already a process.

Any thoughts on the subject?

I’ve made simple application that implements a subset of dets interface but uses pid.

- Dmitry

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