[erlang-questions] [ANN] aberth - a generic BERT-RPC server

Aleksandar Radulovic alex@REDACTED
Mon Jan 20 14:46:05 CET 2014


I've just released aberth[1], a generic server/library for easy building of
BERT-RPC [2] services. It enables you to expose regular Erlang modules as
bert-rpc services. I think its a nice alternative to ernie [3], written by
Tom Preston-Werner.

This is a first public release and it supports both synchronous (call) and
asynchronous (cast) calls. Support for informational ({info}) packets is
built-in, but right now I'm figuring out the best and most elegant way to
pass those packets to handlers (erlang modules). That should be ironed out
rather shortly.

It uses barrel [4] for accepting and pooling TCP connections, which also
provides very low latency for accepting connections and nice scalability as
well. Hattip to Benoit Chesneau!

I've set a list of enhancements as issues in Github - support for streaming
requests and responses, support for caching and better logging.

If you don't find those use of those, you can start using aberth straight

Included in the release is a demo OTP app to illustrate aberth's use.

Take it for a spin and let me know what you think. Any feedback is greatly

[1] https://github.com/a13x/aberth
[2] http://bert-rpc.org/
[3] https://github.com/mojombo/ernie
[4] https://github.com/benoitc/barrel

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http://a13x.net | @a13xnet
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