[erlang-questions] gproc dynamic clustering

Park, Sungjin jinni.park@REDACTED
Sat Jan 18 15:25:59 CET 2014

Hi all,
I surveyed the problem briefly and found an answer
and tested like.

-- from node 1 --
(node1@REDACTED)1> application:start(gproc).
(node1@REDACTED)2> gproc:reg({p,g,shell}).

-- from node 2 --
(node2@REDACTED)1> net_adm:ping(node1@REDACTED).
(node2@REDACTED)2> application:start(gproc).
(node2@REDACTED)3> gproc:reg({p,g,shell}).
** exception exit: {timeout,{gen_leader,leader_call,

     in function  gen_leader:leader_call/2 (src/gen_leader.erl, line 359)
     in call from gproc_dist:leader_call/1 (src/gproc_dist.erl, line 708)
     in call from gproc:reg/1 (src/gproc.erl, line 605)

As you can find here, I couldn't register to the resource created before
clustering.  After several trial, I found out that I had to restart gproc
application from node1.  It means that when I join 10th node to a cluster
this way, I have to restart the gproc applications in all 9 nodes and
register all the resources again.

Have I done something wrong?  Or is there any way to avoid this?

Park, Sungjin
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