[erlang-questions] [erlang-patches] Proposal: reinstate pre-built PLT for Dialyzer

Andreas Stenius erlang@REDACTED
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2014/1/16 Sean Cribbs <sean@REDACTED>

> Hi Erlangers,
> Ages ago, OTP shipped with a pre-built PLT for dialyzer, which was removed
> reasons forgotten by most of us (probably the time/cost of building it).
> Nowadays, because dialyzer is much improved (parallelism!) and our
> computers are faster and have more cores, a PLT for all of the standard
> library might only take a few minutes to build.
> We've been increasing our usage of dialyzer at Basho and I have felt that
> it seems extremely wasteful and unnecessary to build a partial PLT of the
> standard library for every single project, when that information only
> changes across OTP releases. I feel the Erlang/OTP build process should
> include building a PLT that encompasses the entire standard library. Aside
> from the reduced cost of building PLTs for every different app, this may
> encourage others to start using dialyzer on their projects.
> I'm offering to do the work to make this happen, but I need a little
> guidance on where to start. I've looked at the dialyzer Makefile from an
> older release where the PLT was included, but I'm concerned the project
> structure has changed enough that the rules there no longer apply. It seems
> the dialyzer runtime itself might also need to be tweaked to automatically
> include the prebuilt PLT.
> Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and direction. Cheers!
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