[erlang-questions] flymake include dir

Dror Mein drormein@REDACTED
Thu Jan 16 16:00:42 CET 2014

not completely an erlang question:

I've tried to hack my code with the elisp from here:


and I can't get it to work. 
I've copied this code inside .emacs under the (require 'erlang-flymake) and I have a rebar.config in the top of my project directory and It's not working. 

so I've tried perhaps to do this simpler. 
I've got a rebar.config file that has {erl_opts, [{i, path\to\include\dir} ]}
I want a simple elisp code that looks something like this:
(set (make-local-variable 'compile-command) "rebar compile")

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