[erlang-questions] eldap:search result

Thomas Elsgaard thomas.elsgaard@REDACTED
Sun Jan 12 20:41:59 CET 2014

Hi list

I am experimenting with eldap, but i am wondering on how to correctly get
the result from an ldap search?

In my module, i am doing an eldap:search

{ok, Result} = eldap:search(S, Search),
io:format("Search Result: ~p~n", [Result]).

And i am getting following:

Search Result: {eldap_search_result,

So far so good, eldap is doing it's work, but what i am really interrested
in is just the content of the attribute status which is "available". How
can i get the status into an variable? Do i need to get it from an record,
or ?

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