[erlang-questions] Spawn funs: code limitations

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This should help:

On 31 Aug 2014 13:13, "Alessandro Sivieri" <alessandro.sivieri@REDACTED>

> Hi all,
> quick question, which has probably been already answered many times, but I
> cannot find an answer myself.
> Suppose that I have an application with a module that has a function that
> does some stuff and performs a remote spawn of a fun: I did it some time
> ago and I seem to remember that there are limitations in the code that the
> fun is composed of, something on the lines of: if the code is complex I
> need to send the bytecode of the module, too, and load it remotely. If the
> fun simply contains invocations of other functions (that are already
> present in the remote node), then everything goes well. Am I right?
> To sum up: when I spawn a fun remotely, what kind of data is sent to the
> remote node? A pointer to the module where the fun code is contained plus
> its closure (i.e., the value of the variables)? This is what I seem to
> remember.
> Sorry if this question is a little bit convoluted... :)
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