[erlang-questions] Looking for an internship

Pierre Fenoll pierrefenoll@REDACTED
Fri Aug 29 23:50:07 CEST 2014

Hi list,

I apologise in advance for this selfish post!

I am looking for a 5-months long internship at an Erlang shop in the
Valley, starting February of next year.
I will be taking the steps to obtain a work visa shortly (as I am of French

I have bundled with this email a generic introduction letter and CV.

Pierre Fenoll
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I am currently enrolled in the last (5th) year of a Masters degree in Computer Science in Paris and am hoping to do a 5 months internship at your Erlang shop, starting February 2015.

My last internship was at Erlang Solutions‘ R&D department in London and lasted 5 months.
I previously did some contract work for Concurix, before the startup re-oriented towards a nodejs shop.
On my own, I have contributed to Erlang/OTP’s ‘parsetools’ & ‘stdlib’ applications and Basho‘s build tool ‘rebar’.
I am also the current maintainer of the somewhat famous erldocs.com website and Erlang application.
Keen programmer from a young age, I have done projects in various imperative languages, settling with Erlang during High School as I fell for the language/framework.

I am interested in highly-concurrent and distributed systems and the problems that come with them.
As I am soon to finish my MSc I am eager to work on real world Erlang applications in a startup environment.

I have packaged a résumé and will be glad to discuss more about this internship over a meeting.

Pierre Fenoll
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