[erlang-questions] Onboarding programmers who are new to Erlang

Lloyd R. Prentice lloyd@REDACTED
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This from a self-taught non-professional programmer:

When I discovered Erlang I had experience with BASIC, forth, Cold Fusion, and a smidgen of Python. So you could say I was basically ignorant. I bought over a number of months all the, at the time, big three books. Read, reread, and even tried some of the simpler examples. I was too lazy to type in the longer examples so my learning curve suffered proportionally. 

But then, slowly, I began to "get it." I even wrote a gen_server or two, but nothing production worthy. Patient and generous responses to my "Mickey the Dunce" queries to the Erlang community, including the amazing Zotonic bunch, definitely helped.

The big aha moment was when I learned how to read Erlang OTP source code.

Now I'm struggling to understand how to architect more ambitious Erlang projects, e.g. When to use concurrent process and supervisors and when not and how to orchestrate them into beautiful music. No doubt the concepts are there before my eyes. But I have yet to "get it."

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