[erlang-questions] Are binaries relocatable?

Hynek Vychodil vychodil.hynek@REDACTED
Thu Aug 28 15:09:57 CEST 2014

Hi all,
I would like to know if binaries are relocatable. If I have binary parameter

    ErlNifBinary bin;
    if (!enif_inspect_binary(env, argv[0], &bin))
        return enif_make_badarg(env);

I store binary in mine own environment

    ErlNifEnv *priv_env = enif_alloc_env();
    enif_make_copy(priv_env, argv[0]);

Can I then rely on bin.data pointing into same memory until I free
enif_free_env(priv_env) ? I'm asking because I would like to avoid copying
and share data or even return it using enif_make_resource_binary to catch
count references.

I have code which makes copy of binary data but when I switch to reference
bin.data it hangs whole VM. I would like to know if I make some mistake in
mine code and it should work or it is wrong idea at all.

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