[erlang-questions] A modest proposal to eliminate tuples

Chris Pacejo colanderman@REDACTED
Thu Aug 28 03:27:33 CEST 2014

Richard, I must apologize, as my initial post was satirical.
Unfortunately it seems I was too opaque; if anyone got the reference
to Swift's "A Modest Proposal", they didn't make themselves known.

I agree 100% with everything you wrote, and I am glad you stated it.
I too am disappointed that maps dispensed with the key subtleties of
your frames proposal.

I see that SWI-Prolog has recently added "dicts", which, given their
similarity to frames, I assume is your work.  I do use SWI-Prolog
often (pretty much for anything that's not a server of some sort) and
am glad to see that I will be able to make use of frames in it.

OTP 17 I believe is not past redemption; but I think beyond making my
grievance known here, I can only hope that OTP 18 does not cement the
current kitchen-sink map design with a misguided "magically parse JSON
as some inefficient and non-typecheckable structure that just happens
to look like JSON" library.

Chris P

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