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On 27 Aug 2014, at 12:34, Giovanni Giorgi <jj@REDACTED> wrote:

> About garbage collection: Java is very strong in this area. Also the new G1,  a low latency GC works very well

Maybe G1 is has been designed to reduce GUI freeze but we had a serious issue in production due to G1 along with one Java library lately.

In the nutshell, the system went crazy but consuming all CPU resource. As the result, Java dies but it also killed all Erlang nodes running on same HW. I would skip our internal Java - Erlang ping-pong but investigation shown that one of 3rd party library was not compatible with G1, it cause huge dirty heaps and garbage collection was instant operation… So, we swap GC and had fun with 800 tunables :-)

and I would disagree that Java is very string in GC area, Erlang GC is many time superior in terms of latency. It has it own problems but they rare impact the overall system stability

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