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Just from a teaching and retooling perspective, moving a programmer along
the path from Java -> Scala -> Akka is on the surface more straightforward
than moving that programmer from Java -> Erlang -> OTP -- many of the
paradigms and supporting frameworks and tools are comfortably similar, and
old code can just be linked in.

That said, I've personally found that the sort of things for which you
actually need Erlang or Akka tend to be such discontinuities against the
curve of regular practice as to dwarf the effect of comfortable similarity,
and that other, more major forcing functions come into play; and further,
that anyone who can play in the world of those forcing functions can come
to use Erlang or Akka or whatever else they need in the service of getting
the code to work.

So, like benchmarks, try it out in your specific use case and measure your
results yourself.


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> On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 9:34 PM, Youngkin, Rich <
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>> Akka has been proposed as an alternative to Erlang.
> What are the arguments for Akka, as opposed to the arguments for Erlang?
> Library availability is definitely a valid concern. Yet, any library in
> any language will have errors and mistakes. A good point about Erlang is
> that the occasionally bad library tend to hurt your program less for the
> simple fact that proper isolation saves the day.
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