[erlang-questions] Sky is the limit? Or how to get sane VM settings.

Adam Rutkowski hq@REDACTED
Fri Aug 22 23:43:05 CEST 2014

Hey List,

What's your strategy regarding Erlang VM settings (I'm particularly
in socket/port and process limits) for production usage?

It might sound naive, but how do you squeeze 100% out of a single box
and estimate the number of maximum clients that can be served for a cluster,
given that the information you have is:

- hardware platforms details (number of cores, RAM available etc.)
- software platform details (i.e. kernel version, protocols used,
  VM version and whatnot)
- process/port numbers required per client
- the average/approximate sum (?) of stack sizes per client processes

Also, what happens if you set VM limits to something that it cannot ever

And assuming that you can measure the number of messages/locks flying
across nodes, how would you estimate the max size of a single cluster
connected with Erlang Distribution Protocol (leaving the network reliability
issue aside - assume the alien-technology never-splitting network).

Obviously, "run-crash-repeat" would work to get there eventually...
Share your thoughts/experience please.


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