[erlang-questions] Mystery exit message in ejabberd_odbc

Devdutt Sheth dsheth@REDACTED
Thu Aug 21 23:53:42 CEST 2014

I seem to be getting a ton of - {'EXIT',#Port<0.1079543>,normal} ( the pid of course varies) messages in my ejabberd_odbc message queue.
I understand that since we have process_flags(trap_exit, true) EXIT signals from linked processes are turned into messages and placed
In ejabberd_odbc's message queue.
My question is -
How do we determine what exactly is #Port<0.1079543> - doing/executing?
I obviously cannot do a port_info on this PID since it has already exited, nor am I able to see when it is spawned. I have tried to print out all the ports in the vm
via a call to erlang:ports() every second, but I do not see the port that I am receiving the exit message from. This leads me to believe that the port exists for a very brief period ( maybe atomically).
Any clues on how I can track down the source of this exit message?

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