[erlang-questions] distel question

Mike Oxford moxford@REDACTED
Sun Aug 10 06:16:50 CEST 2014

When I compile in a buffer (C-c C-k), the first time it will pop up the
erlang shell and swap focus to it.  C-x 0 to get back to editing.

The second time I compile it will show the buffer but NOT swap focus to it.
 C-x 1 to get back to editing.

1) Is there a setting to normalize this?  So it always acts the same?  Or
better yet...
2) Is there a setting somewhere to auto-close the erlang shell when it's
done compiling? Or will I need to dig into the Lisp directly?

Ideally "C-c C-k" to compile it, wait for the erlang shell to close (maybe
with additional 1s delay to see results), "C-c C-d L" to shove it into the
node and go back to editing without having to close "popups."


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