[erlang-questions] dialyzer underspecs warning

Kostis Sagonas kostis@REDACTED
Fri Aug 8 16:13:08 CEST 2014

On 08/08/2014 01:19 PM, Krzesimir Sarnecki wrote:
> I'm learning how to use -specs + dialyzer and I encountered a problem.
> I hope you could help me deal with it.
> This is my test function:
> test(Array, N, Value) ->
>      array:set(N, Value, Array).
> And this ia a spec I wrote for it:
> -spec test(array:array(T), non_neg_integer(), T) -> array:array(T).
> When I run dialyzer with -Wunderspecs flag it gives me a warning:
> Type specification test:test(array:array(T),non_neg_integer(),T)
> -> array:array(T) is a supertype of the success typing: (very long
> typing)
> To my surprise when I change a spec to:
> -spec test(array:array(T), non_neg_integer(), _) -> array:array(T).
> Dialyzer doesn't give me the warning anymore.
> Am I missing something or dialyzer is telling me that T is a supertype
> of any()?

You are not missing anything.  I looks like this is a bug that should be 
fixed. (*)

Thanks for reporting the issue!


(*) Most likely this has to do with the recent changes that allow 
polymorphic opaque data types to work considerably better than they used 
to, but obviously not perfectly yet.

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